Interested in becoming a member at The Ceramic Studio?

Pottery Studio | The Ceramic Studio

How to join

  1. First you will need to complete the beginners pottery class or demonstrate that you have experience on the wheel.
  2. Then come in during studio hours and fill out the required forms.
  3. After completing the forms we will give you an orientation and you're ready to go.
  4. If you don't have a tool kit or clay, we sell everything you need in store.

Price List

Toolkit | The Ceramic Studio

All prices include GST

Sessions and Tools
$15 - Daily session on the normal wheel for one member
$33 - Daily session on the Venco wheel, Includes 2 bats
$27.50 - Potters tool kit

Greenware Fires
$7/kg or $1/100gm - Low fire for both greenware and ceramic glaze

Painting & Glazing
$15 - Studio fee
$3/100gm - Ceramic Paints (Includes firing)
$4/100gm - Stoneware Paints (includes firing)

Clay (10kg brick)
$18 - White School Clay
$20 - SES Clay
$22 - 10 Stoneware Clay
$18 - Terra Cotta Clay
$3.50 - 1 colour stain to add to your clay for Neriage/Nerikomi pottery (26 colours to choose from)

Private Classes (Includes daily session fee)
$77/hr - Learn trimming, attachments, making lids, carving, etc…
$44/30mins - Make coloured clay for Neriage/Nerikomi (provide your own clay and coloured stains)